Although seemingly entirely abstract, my paintings are rooted in everyday reality.  They elude as an intuitive reaction to my experiences, and the landscape.

I’m heavily influenced by the natural beauty of the land, and so my paintings occur through intuition, instinct and direct observation and experience of the land. ‘Minimal Moments,’ such as the placement of a cloud on a hill or the colours of the sky when the sun is about to set is what inspires me to paint. Through painting in an impressionistic way, I chase after capturing the ‘essence’ of the Welsh/Irish landscape.

To evoke this kind of sensory memory, I apply multiple layers of paint, using urgency, gesture and internal instinct.  Traces of previous layers remain visible, which I react to in turn.  In this way, a composition is arrived at through a series of decisions that are both conscious and subconscious.  With tangible sensitivity to these constantly evolving colours and forms, a very personal abstract language emerges.  In turn, they are an ongoing process of addition and subtraction until I feel they have reached a depth and intensity that seems balanced, in harmony.

The Paintings embrace the Philosophy that ‘intention’ is but a small fragment of our consciousness; paint should be about experience rather than a statement of intent.

– Rachel Dunlop

July 2017: This page is a work in progress, please visit my Instagram @radunlop to see my latest work.

21 thoughts on “Paintings”

    1. Hi Hariod, good to connect with you again! I’ve posted another blog post today, I was just wondering if we had any luck with it appearing on your Reader due to previous issues?

      Hope you have a lovely weekend

      1. Hi Rachel, yes, your new post appeared both in my reader and I also was notified by email – so there’s a safety net there. Thank you for your kind wishes, and I hope you too have an enjoyable weekend. Hariod.

    1. Thank-you very much Clive. My paintings have definitely evolved, I will be uploading new photographs this week.
      I have a real admiration for Printmakers, it’s a real skill. I enjoy how varied your work is!

      Have a lovely weekend 🙂

  1. Rachel, I feel grateful that you read my post today, such that I was able to become aware of your work. Your paintings are gorgeous – I love your use of color and can relate to your finding inspiration to paint in vivid moments of juxtaposition in the natural world. I’ll be looking forward to revisiting and receiving updates.

    1. I have to say, I find your reading so relatable. There is a calmness and a comfort in the way you write. Glad we can connect here, it’s a great way to keep inspired and provoke new thoughts.

      Thank-you for your kind words. 🙂

  2. Dear Rachel, you certainly create some wonderful paintings and take some fascinating pictures. You have created a faboulous website to communicate your art. Please continue.

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visual artist living and working in wales