New Illustration work

watercolour and inkin Pisaextracting the vague colour blast Tropical mandalas close-up mandala quote linear in work doodleI love drawing in my spare time ๐Ÿ™‚

Watercolour on Antique Map

mapwork1I like painting into paper that tells a story. Here is an old map of Oxford. Intricacy, beauty and embellishment are all themes that I am interested in.


I am heavily inspired by the work of Josh Dorman who creates beautiful works on maps and old paper…..I intend to create works this Summer based on this kind of theme after collecting over 200 maps I could use for future paintings.

Check out his work…

(josh dorman)



Silent Valley, Newcastle, Ireland.

Silent Valley, Newcastle, Ireland.

Transient, fleeting moments of the landscape is what I try to capture in my painting practice. I try to capture the ‘essence’ of the landscape, even though when I paint it may not appear completely figurative.

A trip to this Reservoir In Ireland at the Start of October, left me inspired. Stillness, colours, sense of depth, composition were all things that stayed with me.

Landscape is All-powerful, uncontainable, untameable.