Rachel A Dunlop

Bio: I'm a visual artist from Ireland, aged 25, currently based in The Black Mountains, Wales. I'm heavily influenced by the natural beauty of the land, and so my paintings occur through intuition, instinct and direct observation and experience of the land. I graduated from Aberystwyth with a first class honours in Fine Art (Painting) in July 2013, and have completed my MA in Fine Art specialising in Contemporary Painting. Through gestural and painterly mark-making, I constantly respond to forms, layers and colours to construct an experimental landscape that often balances somewhere between the realms of figuration and abstraction.

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22 thoughts on “About”

  1. I noticed that you had stopped by my blog site and “liked” my post discussing how I teach students to develop a red and green complimentary palette. Thanks so much for taking time to read my blog. It is always great to meet other people who share my heart for creating beauty.

    1. I did indeed Rayla-Jeanne, I thought it was a great way to teach something so simple but so important! I agree, absolutely. It’s very encouraging to know that there are like-minded people within easy reach. It’s what keeps me going, sometimes! Nice to connect with you πŸ™‚

    1. Thank-you very much! Yea, I think you write beautifully. I’ve always been really interested in mental health and wellness and the awareness surrounding these issues, so think the work you are doing is great! Great to connect with you!

      1. Ha! C-Dog IS adorable — he, and I, thank you for the compliment! He likes to play ball — so if you’ve got an arm that can throw for a long time, he’ll be right at your side, πŸ™‚ You, too, have a great weekend!

  2. Rachel, I’m delighted to meet you and see your work. Thank you for stopping by my “Art and Tulips” site. And greetings from San Diego!

  3. Oh dear! Love at first sight! Monet, Nature, Colours, Beauty, …, I can keep on adding to this list for ever! I shall definitely follow you very closely. Greetings from Greece by a very regular UK “commuter” πŸ˜‰ Ah!!! The English countryside!

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visual artist living and working in wales

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